Welcome HOME Program

Exciting updates are on the horizon for the Welcome HOME Program! Stay tuned for our official announcement in July 2024.

In partnership with The Georgetown Project, Williamson County Juvenile Services, and Transformative Justice of Williamson County, the Welcome H.O.M.E. Program provides resources that move young people from surviving to thriving, break generational cycles, redirect lives, and invest through compassion.

Our Vision

The TBCH Welcome H.O.M.E. program provides professional counseling sessions, case management and connections to community resources, and supportive housing through the Home Base program.

Our Purpose

  • Create coordinated, seamless partnerships between organizations working to transition young adults from crisis to stability
  • Prioritize safe, supportive housing as the foundational component upon which other interventions and resources are built
  • Increase the availability and visibility of transitional housing for young adults

For more information, please reach out to Bebe Johnson at (512) 246-4228, or click here to fill out a contact request form.

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