A Faith-Based Campus

The Campus Life Program serves children who need to live away from their families due to conflict such as alcohol or substance abuse, violence, death, or incarceration. The program provides residential care to children between the ages of 5 and 17 in four different cottages on the TBCH campus in Round Rock. Loving Christian house parent couples live in each of the cottages and provide 24-hour care for the children in the cottage.

TBCH staff makes every effort to provide a normal home environment for children needing to live away from their families. In an effort to create this home environment, the cottage family eats meals together, prays together, and attends local church services together. The children complete daily chores, have mandatory homework and study time, and take cottage family outings on a regular basis. Older residents have opportunities to work part-time jobs and learn skills for independent living, such as managing money, cooking, and planning for college.

Because of TBCH’s emphasis on restoration and reconciliation, all children in residential group care have access to individual, group, and family counseling. 

For more information, contact Amanda Herron at 512-246-4289.