Program Admissions

Please review all requirements below before applying to one of our programs.

Campus Life Admissions

TBCH wants to provide the most appropriate care possible for children in need of services. The determination of whether a child is a candidate for TBCH’s Campus Life residential program begins with a pre-screening phone call with an Intake Coordinator.  If TBCH is unable to meet the placement needs of a child, a referral will be provided so he or she can get needed quality care. If the child appears to be a candidate for the Campus Life Program, TBCH will then send an admissions application either by mail, fax, or e-mail. Once the application is returned, it will be reviewed by TBCH staff and, if appropriate, a consideration visit is scheduled. This is a time for the prospective child to stay in the cottage to see if this setting seems appropriate and comfortable for them.

For more information, contact 
Amanda Herron at 512-246-4289.

Family Care Admissions

All clients accepted into the Family Care program must complete an admission application and various steps of assessment. The first step is to complete an admission application. This is followed by an intake interview for qualified applicants and Family Care staff. A written admissions assessment of the information gathered from the intake interview will be prepared, addressing the physical, educational, financial, medical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the client. The level of motivation on the part of the potential resident is a significant factor in determining cottage placement. The following information is needed before admission can be considered:

  • Birth certificate for each family member.
  • Social security card for each family member.
  • Immunization record for each child.
  • Documentation of negative TB test results for mother.
  • Valid Texas Driver's License.
  • Automobile insurance and registration certificate.
  • Divorce decree if applicable.
  • Restraining order if applicable.
  • Criminal background check.

Applications can be downloaded below and are available and may be filled out in our lobby at 1101 North Mays, Round Rock between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Once a completed application is returned to the Family Care office, the intake coordinator will contact the applicant to schedule an intake interview. After the interview, it will be determined if the applicant is appropriate for residency based on the agency’s ability to serve. If it is determined that admission to Family Care is not appropriate for the ministry or the applicant, referrals are available to appropriate nonprofit resources in the community.

Family Care Application Notice of Privacy Practices* 

*Must read before signing Page 11 of the Family Care Application

For additional application information, contact Stacy Grant or call 512-388-8271.