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“Before we came here, my mom worried a lot,” shares 11-year-old Charles. The stress of raising children as a single mother while trying to finish her degree and provide for her family had become overwhelming for his mom. But, thankfully, they found a place of refuge in the Family Care program at TBCH. “Now she is happier and I can tell she is excited about our family again,” he says. “She encourages us to study our Bibles and she leads us in prayer.”

“When my mom was pregnant with me, she almost lost me when she was 25 weeks. But God performed a miracle that I would be saved,” he says. “My mom told me that God must have had a great purpose for me for the enemy to try and stop my life before it began.”

Indeed, the Lord has a great purpose for this young man’s life. This year, Charles made a personal decision to follow Jesus and we were thrilled to celebrate his recent baptism! Because of the generosity of donors, we are able to provide a place of hope and healing for children and single moms, but even more than that, we are able to offer spiritual guidance and a loving, Christian community where they can experience the love of Christ in a very tangible way.

“When I think about how I can serve God, I want to be everything He has called me to be. I want Him to say when I go to heaven, ‘Well done.’ Getting baptized was the first step in my walk with Christ. I can’t wait to grow with God and learn what he has for my life,” says Charles. “At TBCH, we don’t worry about what we will eat or where we will live. I am proud to live here and I know that this is where God wants my family for now. I’ve made other Christian friends here on TBCH campus that I love like brothers and sisters.”